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        Location: About us

        About us

          Our corporation is provided with intelligent zinc-alloy press-casting machine, laser market puncher, punch press, lathe, water mill, finishing and baking finish and other metal craftwork production equipments and modern managerial staff and employees; and we’re devoted to the design, development and production of metal key buckle, bottle opener, drop, dog tag (ID tag), rating plate, box & bag fittings, ornamental article, hardware parts and other metal craftwork for our customers.

          Under the philosophy of “quality first, and goodwill foremost”, besides China Mainland, our products are sold to many markets such as Europe, America, South America, Japan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; and moreover, we’ll ceaselessly launch more fashionable top-quality products and more perfect services and develop a promising future with you!

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